About The Violinnovator

My name is Julie Stroud. I am a violin teacher based in Norwalk, Iowa, and owner of Violinnovation, a live webcam violin studio.  Please feel free to visit my main website at http://www.violinnovation.com. You’ll find lots-o-stuff there that isn’t appropriate to post to a blog.

Some is news, some is opinion, some is fluff, but hopefully I’ll post things that the majority of readers will find useful or at least worth sparking some creative thought about their own personal violin journey.

All comments are moderated.  Thanks for stopping by to browse.


5 Responses to About The Violinnovator

  1. Jon Hansen says:


    Thanks for writing the piece about Mr. Brauninger. It brought me back to a special time and a special person in my childhood. So glad to hear there are others who remember Mr. Brauninger like I do.

  2. jon hansen says:


    That’s me!

  3. Jim Harris says:

    We need to talk sometime. I had Brauninger too, except that I play stringed bass. He was primarily my orchestra teacher. I had him at Hubbell, Callanan and Roosevelt. My dad was a teacher at Callanan and Roosevelt too.

    I was wondering how he was doing, and your post answered that question. I also was in band with Bob Bagley.

    Jim Harris

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