Update On A Previous Post

Back in April of 2008, I wrote a post about a prospective student and his unrealistic view of a future musical career.  Last spring, I had the opportunity to meet up with this young man again. He did not recognize me, nor did he remember taking a trial lesson with me. I was getting a kick out of this, in a warped sort of way, so I chose not to remind him that I was well aware of who he was.  I sat next to him in a pit orchestra for a musical theater production. Over the course of rehearsals, I discovered that he was not studying with anyone, but that he was supposed to start lessons with “THE” teacher in town in the fall of 2009. He wasted a year plus of time, but was even then still harboring visions of Juilliard. After he finished up a performance degree at the local university.  I feel somewhat vindicated by what I wrote in my previous post, that his mother was using other teachers to intimidate me.

My ability to see into the future gets more brilliant all the time.


I will do another update in the next day or two on everything non-violin related, as it has much bearing on the violin related things…

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