Friday Mailbag and Linkage: Camp Insanity

This past week has been busier than usual at my house. We’re getting ready to move over Memorial Day weekend, and I need to have everything packed and boxed by next Friday because my husband and I will both be doing some long-distance traveling. Then, the morning after I return, I have to be available for the furniture delivery crew. Needless to say, my writing and posting time has been a bit sparse. Luckily, when we moved into the place we’re currently living in, we didn’t have room to unpack all the boxes, so about half of the job was pre-done.

Another part of the equation: my in-house students had their recital last Sunday. They were fabulous, and I am so proud of them.

All this is to say that my posting will probably remain slightly sporadic until we get moved and unpacked.


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