Unrealistic Goals? Is there such a thing?

Goals are important. High and lofty goals are even better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting your goals impossibly high, as long as you are realistic about the amount of work you’ll have to do in order to achieve them. Without goals, we’d never do anything. I think that having them written down, so that you can see them in black and white, is preferable to letting them float around, willy-nilly, like little brain clouds in your head. The only goals you can’t reach are the ones for which you don’t have an action plan drawn.

I read once, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Goals, whether small or large or a little too much for right now, keep you moving toward growing as a person and in whatever “thing” for which you’ve set the goal. A goal that you can accomplish right this minute, without thinking or doing anything special to get there, is not a goal. It is something you can do already. Goals are things that you can’t do right now, but if you keep working with purpose and intelligence, you can achieve them. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month or next year, but not at this very moment in time. Goals that aren’t well defined, or that you have to work too hard to reach will be tossed in the “I knew I couldn’t do it anyway!” pile. That, my friends, is frustrating, demoralizing and wasteful.

Set a goal, set a deadline for accomplishing it, and divide the work you need to do to reach it into realistic and manageable pieces, so it is easy to do. When you reach that goal, whether it’s realistic or impossible, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction and pride that you just can’t find with anything else!

Now go practice! With purpose! Go! Go! Go!



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